Wherever the Road Leads

Competing with Tammy Faye

When I rise in the morning and look in the mirror, I see a guy with a face like forty miles of bad road.

A shower, shave and some cologne later, I may be down to about thirty-seven miles. A little styling gel may take off another mile or so.

Moisturizing cream and staying out of the sun over the years may have helped but as far as today is concerned, what you see is what you get.

Take a look at these pictures. What does the woman on the left have in common with the woman on the right?









You guessed it….the women on the left and the women on the right are the same people. Before make up and after being made up.

In some ‘before’ pictures there’s a resemblance but in others the drastic appearance changes almost justify the term, “Coyote Ugly”… where you meet a woman in a bar at night then the next morning would rather gnaw off your arm than wake her up.

So, a positive improvement or false advertising? I guess it depends on your point of view.

Even although the influences in my young life included “Gunsmoke”…

Miss Kitty

…country music singer Dottie West…

Dottie West

… even Tennessee Williams’ Mississippi heroines….

Loss of a Teardrop Diamond

… my high school days included the ‘hippie” era… (high school daze??)…

hippie in mumu

… and the “All Natural” look.

I met a husband once who said of his wife’s look, “Beauty is not an expense.” Like me, he believed in the All Natural look.

“All Natural” as in Naturally you’re going to do All you can to look your best… colored hair, colored, manicured nails and plenty of help from your Avon lady.






I’m getting tired of that raggedy old feller looking back at me from the mirror at 7:00 each morning. If there was make up for men, I’d be the male equivalent of Tammy Faye Baker.


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