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After a recent trip with my cousin Al traveling three hours north of Toronto into snow country, he commented that in wintry conditions like they have up there, you have to embrace the season; learn to downhill ski, cross-country ski, go snowmobiling, snow-shoeing or ice-fishing. Otherwise, it makes for a long, miserable season.

He’s right, though it is not how I have chosen to spend my first winter in many years. I have learned how to embrace being a hermit. With a computer.

QR-logoA while back I did a blog piece on how it took a teenager six minutes and thirteen seconds on Youtube to produce a bar-code that took me six hours and thirteen minutes to reproduce.

I’m embarrassed to admit how much time and energy has been put into this project.

I’ve been dabbling with the idea of ‘Green-Screen’ recording. Well over a year ago I bought cheap-and-dirty Logitech web cam and four sheets of bright green poster board to use as a backdrop. The poster board ended up at the Good Will store along with a lot of other household items that I couldn’t sell or give away.

A few weeks ago, I bought another four sheets of bright green poster board. Then I stumbled across a fabric store, where I bought three meters, not yards as Canada is a metric country. I hung the bright green cloth over an unused shower tension-rod to give myself a backdrop, and then recorded some nonsense.

Since then, I have spent the better part of a week struggling to learn two different Adobe programs, realizing in the end that the best one to use was the one I had spent the least amount of time trying to learn.

Here is the result, produced in Adobe Premiere Pro. I’m not sure if I should be proud or embarrassed. If I look as if I haven’t seen the sun in three months, a razor in three weeks and the shower in three days, yes.

Be sure to click in the right hand corner to increase the resolution to 720p and show in full-screen. Yes, it goes without saying that no, I couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket.

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  1. elayne  March 30, 2014

    youse is crazy, man. next time step back from the camera a little bit . I think it would show off your handsome face better

    • gordon  March 31, 2014

      Well, thank you! I thought I looked like I had been on a three-day binge! The issue with the ‘close-up’ is that the little camera is also the microphone. I did try it from further back, but the mike could barely pick me up.

      The answer is a proper video camera, not a $30 web-cam. But before I invested the money, I wanted to see what I could do after (sorta) learning the computer program. They produce feature films on the software I used. Most of it is way over my head but for a first effort, I’m pleased. I chuckle each time I watch it!!


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