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Christmas in Coastal Georgia

Finally, a warm Christmas!

After umpteen nice, warm, Southern Christmases over the past decades, I embarked on The Hare-Brained Scheme and have spent Christmas wearing winter gloves. This Christmas, basking in the temperate climes, Canada is having unseasonably warm weather. Figures. If I ever give you a stock tip, laugh and ignore me.

I am sitting in the trailer with the air conditioning on, as it is warm in here and the door is closed. The door is closed because the Fleabag is inside for the day. He doesn’t like that. He figures that if it is daylightlight outside, then he is feral. Once it turns dark, he returns… feed me, pet me, good-bye, I’m going to sleep. Cats are such wonderful companions.

He’s inside this early because I have been invited to a Greek Dinner tonight with my cousin Janice and her family, in Savannah. The Bill of Fare features lamb. MMMmmmm… count me in. I love lamb and very seldom get it. Tomorrow, Christmas Day, I will go over to Janice and Pete’s to spend Christmas Day with them. Should be a good time… never a dull moment with Cameron!!!

The Workamping is coming along very well. The computer Reservation system was fairly easy to learn. Cleaning the Bath House is fairly straightforward. Living in a Pine forest at this time of year makes my unofficial title, ‘Rakeman’. It’s an everyday battle to keep the Park looking like it’s not overgrown.

The owners are wonderful people who, as well as sponsoring a Christmas Dinner for all of us staying here, surprised me with a Gift Card from Piggly Wiggly. If I like the lamb tonight, maybe I’ll buy some for myself. Though, at this ‘Pig’, in this state, in this environment and with its typical clientele, their selection of exotic food will lean more towards hog jowls and turkey necks, than Olde English Fare favored by Henry VIII.

I have to keep this short as I spent too much time on my little movie, above, and my keyboard on on the fritz, where I the only way I can get an upper case F, L, H, OR U is to use the Caps Lock key. The shift key doesn’t work.

So, a very Merry Christmas to all, from me and The Fleabag!!


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  1. elayne  December 25, 2015

    Merry Christmas to you and Tupelo.. I hope your lamb is delicious because now I have to wait until tomorrow to go and buy some for myself.. Fred can have his porkchops, now I want lamb. lol I too will be raking today and tomorrow as, after the wind yesterday, the cones from the pines and pods from the honey locust in the park are now all over the yard and down the driveway.. This is the best Christmas weather I can think of especially for those travelling..
    Thank you for the many entertaining posts and please continue them in the new year. I wish a very Happy , Healthy and Safe 2016 for you and Tupelo, Gordon.. elayne


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