Help Me Decide

A Tale of Two RVs

As I inch closer to having the Insurance Company finally release the funds to get a replacement RV, it’s decision time. I decided to not order the same coach as I had last time. I am going with a different layout, where the main bathroom is in the front of the coach, the full width of the coach, plus it has a bathroom slide-out to make it even roomier. Yes, by the way, the “main” bathroom… ...

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Going Up In Flames

What You Don’t Realize About Insurance

This is a long story. It’s been a long process. Even longer when you’re the one living it.

On May 16th of this year, I closed up my 2018 Coachmen Chaparral 40′ Fifth Wheel trailer in an RV Park near Knoxville, Tennessee. It was pulled using the RV Park’s tractor to the storage area, a field adjacent to the RV Park and parked among ten other coaches. I put on wheel covers to protect my brand ...

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Tar Troubles

China Bombs Ready To Explode

You may recall that last season, thanks to the roads in Lousyana, I picked up a nail in a tire on the trailer. The auto club came out and put on the spare. Four hours later, I was on my way. It was somewhat bittersweet as I felt I had gotten my money’s worth out of the auto club membership, however it put me way behind schedule and I was forced to tow in the dark ...

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Reflections On…

My Tonneau Cover

After having a sixty gallon auxiliary fuel tank installed in the bed of the truck, I found that the tri-fold tonneau cover, the cover for the bed of the truck, was no longer not well-suited. I couldn’t access the filler nozzle to the auxiliary tank as the tonneau cover above the fuel tank was clamped down. I had to remove the entire cover in order to fill the aux tank.

I bought a different style of bed cover that rolls ...

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Home Improvements

It’s Not a Bowling Alley But…

A forty foot trailer for a man and a cat is slight overkill. The model that first caught my eye was a miniature version at only thirty-seven feet. <rolls eyes> However, that smaller trailer had axles rated at 5,600 pounds and I felt was maxed out, compared to this model’s 7,000# axles, much beefier if ever considering bouncing my way up the Alaska Highway.

Additionally, this model has a “Bunky”… a small room with its own ...

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