The South

Reflections On…

My Tonneau Cover

After having a sixty gallon auxiliary fuel tank installed in the bed of the truck, I found that the tri-fold tonneau cover, the cover for the bed of the truck, was no longer not well-suited. I couldn’t access the filler nozzle to the auxiliary tank as the tonneau cover above the fuel tank was clamped down. I had to remove the entire cover in order to fill the aux tank.

I bought a different style of bed cover that rolls ...

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Camping With Fred

… my newfound friend.

Wanting to see the Biltmore Estate was the reason for coming to the Asheville, North Carolina area. As usual, I looked for an out-of-the-way… translated: low cost… RV Park to come to.

Hominy Valley RV Park does indeed exist. It is about six RV spots occupied by permanent residents in RVs. Across the Pisgah Highway is the owner’s home. Fred has a beautiful, forty-foot motor home and he built an actual RV site for it behind his home. ...

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What’s Been Did…

…And What’s Been Hid


Above: the fifth wheel in storage for the summer near Knoxville, Tn.


Did you miss me?

It’s been some time since I wrote a blog piece about my life and times, so, somewhat like the self-important Yearly Round-up that we sometimes receive in Christmas Cards about someone we barely know talking about people we’ve never heard of, here’s mine.

“The only thing constant… is change”, seems to be my raison d’etre, so, going back a while…

Once upon a time in ...

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Chunky, Mississippi

What’s In A Name

Once upon a time in a land far away called ‘When I Was Married’, I had a step-son named “Junior”. His name wasn’t actually “Junior” but to let it be known that his name was ‘Lee’ wouldn’t be fair to the precocious little imp if he were to stumble across this blog. No doubt the ne’er-do-well is now a lawyer or in jail – or both – but definitely a Democrat.

Junior was a nine-year-old heathen when I ...

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Lingering in Louisiana

Cuz Texas Has a Whorehouse In It

After a bone-jarring, bad-mouthing trip to get to New Iberia Louisiana, I’ve decided to stay. Once settled in here, a good night’s sleep and a trip back up to the office to apologize to the Park Manager for being such an Angry Yankee and to thank her for her patience, I began to consider my position.

I seem to have settled into an unnecessarily hectic routine: pull, set up, relax the next day, sight see ...

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