Toronto The Good

The 51st State

When I first returned to Toronto after an absence of twenty-plus years, I was stunned by the transformation that immigration had made. Canada – and the US – have always been immigrant nations… like me. I am an immigrant to both Canada and the United States.

Typically though, Immigration had higher standards and had not been as easy at it is today. At one time, you needed to prove your value and not be a burden to your newfound ...

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Brett Kavanaugh, Junior and the Dems

Questions and Lies

Once upon a time in a land far away called Huntsville Alabama, a man married a widow with two sons, aged seven and ten. The younger son, we’ll call him “Junior” to protect the guilty, was a charming, good-looking, intelligent, precocious little pita who was the apple of his mother’s eye. Junior dominated the household either as the center of attention or because he was in trouble, generally the latter. Trying to teach good manners, we insisted that ...

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Meeting Women, Minimum Wage, Liberals

…and a $2.50 Sam’s Club Combo Lunch

Despite Louisiana’s 9% sales tax, I went shopping at Sam’s Club today… at lunchtime. As planned, I had a pizza-slice-and-coke combo. However, things are different at this Sam’s Club, way different and a harbinger indeed. I immediately thought of Kathleen Wynne – the Premier of Ontario – and of every other liberal politician who failed Economics 101 and would sell his/her soul for a vote, if s/he hadn’t already sold it ten times over.

The ...

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We Removed Something You Posted

The Facebook Police

I posted a cartoon earlier today and soon after got a notification from Facebook that it had been removed for violating their Community Standards policy. While I was surprised at the time, I guess I shouldn’t have been. In a way, it simply proved my point.

Attributed to Abraham Lincoln, though disputed, is the quote, “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

Other than the ...

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Consumer Confidence

And 401Ks

Thanks to a fellow who doesn’t know he’s been nicknamed “Beau’, I checked my 401K account today. I was stunned. It has increased 20% in the last twelve months. The fund that I am in is fairly aggressive with about 75% in the Stock Market and 25% in bonds and the like. A twenty per cent increase in value since Donald Trump got elected.

I have read the fantasies that we are reaping the benefits of Obama’s financial policies. Like ...

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