Wilma on Vacation

My mother decided that she wanted a change of scenery. She had a brainwave about booking into a different retirement home for a month, under their temporary ‘respite’ program.

We did some checking and decided that she would spend a month at Sherbrooke Heights Retirement Home in Peterboro, Ontario, pictured above and…

It’s a very nice building surrounded by trees, unlike the ...

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Catching Up

From Canada

The winter season has come and gone in Georgia and most of the Snowbirds have been back in their northern homes for some time. I decided to come north a little later this year, as, arriving May 1st last year was far too cold. This year, we returned May 19th to 60º weather – an improvement on last year but still a shock from the 90º temperatures that I had grown quite comfortably used to.

As has been the custom ...

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Crossing the River

Home, Sweet Home!

The river in question is the Niagara River. In this area, within fifteen minutes of an international bridge, that’s the expression used when you say you are going shopping in the US.

“‘What are you doing this afternoon?”

“I’m going across the river.”

Or… “Boneless, skinless chicken breasts are on special, $2.40 a pound.”

“Where, here?”

“No, across the river.”

Though many years ago, I have lived in this area before, so know my way around “across the river.” I have hesitated in going ...

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The Olde Towne

Streaming Live

Had visitors on the weekend so we all went for a stroll in the Old Town, Niagara-On-The-Lake. Lord, have mercy, you would have thought they were giving away free money. There were tourists strode ever’whar. I noticed one smallish dog on a leash and felt sorry for him. I’ll bet he had never seen so many legs.

N-O-T-L is a very pretty and quaint little town though, so I thought I would go back during the week for a better ...

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Summer NOT in the City

I’ve been laying low these past few months. Not that I haven’t had opinions – I’ve had plenty. But I was told if you can’t say something nice, say nothing at all.

Toronto is a modern, multicultural, international city with plenty of world-class activities. Recently they hosted the Pan-Am Games, last weekend was the Molson Indy, there was much excitement over the Raptors Pro-basketball team making it into the finals, there are the Toronto Blue Jays baseball ...

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