Looking Back

Life Is But A Tapestry

Oh, Carole… Oh, Mariella

I didn’t know a whole lot about Carole King, the songwriter/singer/composer. In 1971, I had my heart broken by a little Italian girl… thank you Lorne Progosh for this expression… who shall remain nameless except to mention that her initials are Mariella Bertelli. Over the years I have had time to reflect upon the situation and am now of the Jimmy Buffet School of Thought… “…it’s nobody’s fault…” begets “…it could be my fault…” begets “…it’s my ...

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Cutting-Edge Technology

Rapidly obsolete

My dad had brought some Scottish 78rpm records with him when we came to Canada in 1952. Harry Lauder sang “I Belong Tae Glasgow”, “I’m 94 This Morning” and “Just a Wee Deoch an Doris”. The first record I remember seeing purchased was my cousin Al buying an Everly Brothers song – a 78rpm – “All I Have to Do is Dream”, released in 1958.

The first record I remember buying was a novelty song, a one-hit wonder by The ...

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And Hedonism

My laptop has come in very handy over the years. It’s not the greatest laptop, it’s not one I would have chosen for myself – I won it in a manager’s draw one Christmas when I was working at Office Depot. I’m surprised that I received it. I got a message when I turned my phone back on after arriving in San Antonio’s airport that I was the winner in absentia. Knowing those characters, I’m surprised they didn’t throw ...

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Allergies and Jones College

Music and memories

The internet was down for a short while when I was in St. Augustine, so no Pandora internet radio for background noise. I soon tired of talking to the cat, which really means talking to myself, as the only English he understands is the sound of food being poured into his dish.

There is an FM Radio – Cassette player – CD player with four speakers in the trailer, so I thought I’d try to find a radio station ...

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Dropping Like Flies.

Back about twenty years ago when we thought we would live forever, there were four of us who hung around and partied together. I was dating ‘The School Marm’ and our friends were Don and Isabel.

Don smoked heavily and had a bad heart, last I remember hearing he was on a transplant waiting list. He continued to smoke, drink and buy lottery tickets until one night, in his sleep about ten years ago, his heart gave out.

The School Marm actually ...

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