I’ll Be Home For Christmas


The classic Bing Crosby song, “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” conjures up visions of the horse and sleigh from the Miller beer commercial, traveling home to be with family, unwrapping Christmas presents and happy times. The song was released in 1943 and has withstood the test of time… and tempo as there are some questionable renditions out these.

But it’s Bing’s version of snow, mistletoe and presents under the tree that is the true classic. For years, I listened no further, ...

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Christmas in Coastal Georgia

Finally, a warm Christmas!

After umpteen nice, warm, Southern Christmases over the past decades, I embarked on The Hare-Brained Scheme and have spent Christmas wearing winter gloves. This Christmas, basking in the temperate climes, Canada is having unseasonably warm weather. Figures. If I ever give you a stock tip, laugh and ignore me.

I am sitting in the trailer with the air conditioning on, as it is warm in here and the door is closed. The door is closed because the Fleabag ...

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A Canadian American Thanksgiving

Christmas Season May Now Begin


Ten days ago I was on hold with Bell Canada as I had a question about my internet bill. During my wait, the music in the background was one of the more popular Toronto FM stations who, prior to American Thanksgiving even, had changed their playlist to nothing but Christmas songs. Neally bout six weeks of Christmas songs?? I’d be ready to take a hair dryer to Frosty long before December 25th if I had to ...

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The Toronto Santa Claus Parade

Putting the Cart Before the Horse

This past Saturday, November 15th, the annual Santa Claus Parade took place in downtown Toronto. This morning, Monday November 17th, it is snowing in downtown Toronto. The two are related. Trust me.

When it comes to Holidays – as in a statutory Holiday, not vacation – I have found Americans to be much more effusive. Perhaps it is because Canadians are more reserved by comparison, perhaps it is because when an American worker gets a Paid ...

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A Tale of Two Cultures

In 1960, my father took a 25% pay cut to leave the nearing-the-end-of-life Hollinger Gold Mine in the Northern Ontario mining town of Timmins, to take a more secure and promising job with the Federal Government in Ottawa, Canada’s capital.

One of the first vacations that I remember taking was with a borrowed tent to a campground named Dolly Copp, run by the National Forest Service in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The campground was 5½ ...

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