I Hate Computers Vol. Forty-Eleven

“I Didn’t Know That”.

Finally, I have my desktop computer up and running again. It was acting up in the spring after bouncing this delicate electronic device a thousand miles north in the bed of a truck. I thought it was my anti-virus software creating a conflict. Eventually I got it up and running.

It was seriously acting up after being bounced in the bed of a truck closer to two thousand miles southbound, via Baton Rouge to order the new camper. ...

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Me and Hillary

And the Russians

The idea of a personal website came to me as I had a distant friend who did not believe in Facebook. My first attempt was on a free server with limited options and a lot of advertising. Even with limited options, there was a considerable learning curve.

As I learned more about web design, web hosting and what was out there to learn, I got my own ‘.com’ and chose a web hosting company. My first web pages – ...

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I Love Computers

The snot-nosed sons of Chinese bottle-washers

Hundreds of dollars in upgrades to churn out fifteen-second videos like I’m Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. I’ll never get a new truck this way. But if I’m not going to drink, smoke, buy lottery tickets, eat fast-food, drink cokes, Tim Horton’s coffee or chew gum, I’ve got to have fun somehow!! I’m trying to justify it to myself this way: with the Canadian dollar at $.75 US, (or US$1 = CDN$1.25) I may as well spend it up ...

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The Cheapness of You

& The Surreptitious Upgrade II

A while back I was friends with a man, now deceased, who was raised during the Depression. He told a story of his growing up where his mother instructed him to put his butter on the ‘small’ side of his piece of bread. THAT is being frugal. However, this was not an eye-rolling moment for me, this was a moment of understanding the logic behind the directive and thankfulness that despite growing up poor, things for ...

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Computers: I Love to Hate Them

The Surreptitious Upgrade

My (now) previous computer would probably have lasted me a lifetime. Its 2.6 gig processor was fast enough to get everything done in a reasonable time – the blink of an eye.

Then along came Adobe After Effects, the program that I have been using to make my recent ‘movies’… the Countdown to Christmas, Christmas in the Moon, the New Year’s Balls, Georgia Bound and the Shepherd Village Gold/Black logo. The 2.6 gig processor did not have enough horsepower ...

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