My Brother, Ian

Going Back In Time

This week started out getting reacquainted with a grade schoolmate from the old neighborhood in Ottawa, who is a much better historian than I have been. She was able to provide the school picture of my brother Ian’s Grade Five Class of 1964/65, at Fisher heights Public School in Ottawa. I was surprised to learn that class pictures were taken back then. My brother, Ian, is in the bottom right. His fellow classmate was Kim Joyce, bottom ...

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Toronto The Good

The 51st State

When I first returned to Toronto after an absence of twenty-plus years, I was stunned by the transformation that immigration had made. Canada – and the US – have always been immigrant nations… like me. I am an immigrant to both Canada and the United States.

Typically though, Immigration had higher standards and had not been as easy at it is today. At one time, you needed to prove your value and not be a burden to your newfound ...

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Re-living Some Teenage Years

Prior to the fork in the road…

A number of weeks ago I returned to Canada’s Capital – Ottawa – where I lived from age ten to age sixteen. My most gracious host, Ian Wilson, was a good friend from back during those years with whom, like many, we have been able to reconnect with acquaintances from days gone by through Facebook.

As we age – eventually retire for some of us – we reflect back upon the choices we made in ...

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Meanwhile In Canada

Winter Means Winter

While many Canadians – Snowbirds – can escape the cold weather of winter for a period of time, winter in Canada means cold weather, snow and ice.

Many hole up for the season, many make the best of it. Some of us travel the warm states in our RVs and curse the ‘Cold Canadian Front’ when we occasionally have to scrape our windshields using a credit card because we don’t have CD covers anymore.


A man in the Safeway Store ...

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Today’s Family

Or Lack Thereof

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) is reporting the story of northern Ontario grandparents who are being sued for child support for their grandchild. The headline reads:

“Mother sues her daughter’s grandparents for $760 in monthly child support, plus $47,000 in back pay.”

The wording seemed odd to me from a family and relational standpoint. While the wording was not inaccurate, it was a little misleading, glossing over a detail or two. Should the headline not read,

“Mother ...

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