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Cavalcade of Christmas Boats

With the Christmas rush, the mad scramble, the chaos and confusion out the way, I can now dedicate time to catching up on life and times. Yes, New Year’s Eve is still to come, however that is now a do-nothing event for me. Generally, my New Year’s resolution is to be fast asleep before the ball drops.

It wasn’t always that way. When I was young and foolish I used New Year’s Eve as an excuse to stay up and party until late. Plenty late. Some years, until March. But these days I do my best to hang on to what’s left of my brain cells and my hair.

One of the earlier events in this past warm Christmas Season was put on by the City of Savannah and the Westin Hotel. I couldn’t have said it better myself….

Enjoy a Christmas parade Savannah Style! The Savannah Harbour Foundation hosts the Boat Parade of Lights as approximately 50 lighted vessels parade both sides of the waterfront, accompanied by live music performances, a tree lighting ceremony and a fireworks extravaganza. Savannah Pipe & Drum opens the ceremony at 6 p.m. with a proclamation by General Oglethorpe at 6:30 p.m., live music and the holiday party continues until the Cannon fires to signal the Boat Parade at 7:15 and concludes with a fireworks extravaganza at 9 p.m.


Red sky at night, sailor’s delight…







The Savannah Pipe and Drum Corps began the festivities…


General Oglethorpe read the proclamation that the Christmas Season was officially underway in Savannah and the tree was lit.






And the evening ended with a bang.


The pictures were taken in the dark, using a tablet. I tried to improve them to show as much as possible using Photoshop. For best results, I heartily recommend buying an RV, staying at Lake Harmony RV Park in Townsend, Georgia, and visiting the festival in person. This is a great city to visit. Click the link below.




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