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From Canada

The winter season has come and gone in Georgia and most of the Snowbirds have been back in their northern homes for some time. I decided to come north a little later this year, as, arriving May 1st last year was far too cold. This year, we returned May 19th to 60º weather – an improvement on last year but still a shock from the 90º temperatures that I had grown quite comfortably used to.

As has been the custom of the past two years, Sue came down to help me pack up the camper, readying it for summer storage at Lake Harmony RV Park, then do the lion’s share of the driving home. She arrived on Air Canada’s recently implemented, seasonal service, flying directly from Toronto to Savannah, cutting out missed connections and delays in either Atlanta or New York’s JFK.

Joining us in Arrivals were cousin Janice and family – Pete, Cameron and, pictured below, Nikki.We headed out to Chili’s Restaurant for vittles and chat…

… and shenanigans on the new truck.

Yep… this oughtta pull some freight.

It’s a Ford F-350 diesel dually.

Part of my dislike of driving through the mountains to return to Canada or to head south in the fall, was that the previous truck was underpowered. Going up the 6º grades the white truck was constantly dropping down a gear and revving high. Pulling through the mountains was awful. Coming back from Nashville, I hunkered down behind a cement transit mixer doing about 30 miles per hour up the grade. I figured if anyone was going to get cursed by the passing drivers, it would be him, not me.

No such issues coming back this time. I don’t think. I wasn’t paying attention. I wasn’t driving. But with 440 hp and 860 pound-feet of torque, I know it wasn’t struggling.



The condo complex has come a long way…

The two new buildings….

The four-building complex…

Considered tiny for a home, after living in a 26′ box for seven months, to me, the condo is a mansion! I can raise my elbows in the shower – which has unlimited hot water. It’s magic.

And for the next five months, it’s home.



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  1. elayne  May 24, 2017

    welcome back eh ! Enjoy your stay..

  2. Alistair Mair  May 24, 2017

    Impressive truck. Black is a great colour. Glad to see the extra power you will have. Sue black outfit fits perfectly.


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