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Cape Town: World Class

You don’t need a vacation, you need Cape Town

Cape Town was officially founded in 1652 when Jan van Riebeeck of the Dutch East India Company based in The Netherlands arrived to set up a halfway point for ships travelling to the East. Portuguese explorers arrived in the Cape in the 15th Century and Khoisan people inhabited the area prior to European arrival. The world’s first heart transplant was performed by Dr Christiaan Barnard in Cape Town in 1967. As of 2011 the metropolitan region had an estimated population of 3.74 million.

Cape Town has a climate similar to that of California and the Mediterranean. Winter starts in May and ends in September and is generally a wet and windy season. Temperatures are cool and end to range between 45°F (7°C) and 63°F (17°C) . Summer lasts from November to March and temperatures range between 66°F (19°C) and 95°F (35°C). The summer season is usually hot and sunny. It can be windy, but it doesn’t bring much rain.

At some point in my meanderings that with my feelings towards Canada, no one was likely to offer me the job of Tourist Ambassador. Cape Town is a different story; I’d take that job in a heart beat. Cape Town truly is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever been in.

If I could only learn to drive on the left.







“To be ranked first out of all cities in the world, and against global destinations of this calibre, speaks volumes about the strength of our offering. It is especially exciting for me that these results are based on the experiences of travellers who have visited the various destinations.” – Western Cape Tourism Minister Alan Winde, on the announcement that Cape Town was the TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice No.1 destination for 2011

“This cape is the most stately thing and the fairest cape we saw in the whole circumference of the earth.” – From the journal of Sir Francis Drake, on seeing the Cape for the first time, 1580

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