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Cancer and Cats

My cousin Lynda in Johannesburg posted this on her FaceBook page. I dug a little deeper. The story and video are of a woman in Pretoria, South Africa who is diagnosed with breast cancer and must undergo chemotherapy.

It’s ironic that I just did a post on cats.

When I was driving home from the doctor’s office after being diagnosed with cancer, I had two thoughts. “God, how could you let this happen to my mother? All three of the men in her life die before she does.”

My second thought was my cat. Over the years, I’ve never had a life-long relationship with a cat. They have gotten sick and had to be put down prematurely, or I’ve left them behind when a relationship with a woman ended. I remember thinking when I got him as a kitten, that with this cat, it would be nice to have him until we were old men together.

And now I had cancer; I assumed I was going to die long before he did.

I learned, though, that cancer is not the death knell that it once was, as the thousands who wear purple t-shirts and participate in Relay for Life walks know.

Here is the story of Gerdi McKenna and her supportive friends. Grab a kleenex and enjoy.

In February 2014, one of Gerdi McKenna’s friends wrote an email requesting a photoshoot for all her friends as she was diagnosed with breast cancer a few months before. In solidarity with Gerdi, her friends decided to follow suite and shave their heads as well! Here are some comments by her friends and family members:

“My heart is full and I am doing it for my sister, she is one amazing person.. that is the least I can do.”

“If I only think what Gerdi is going through, then this is NOTHING.”

“I am very nervous, but I know it is the right thing to do. I am giving up my pride for a friend who is going through much much more.”

The women are speaking Dutch (with English subtitles). The video will play in HD and go full-screen if you hit the appropriate buttons on the player.

The Lombardy Boutique Hotel, Pretoria, South Africa. Click here.

Gary Rom Hairdressing, Pretoria, South Africa. Click here.

Mud Make Up of South Africa. Click here.

Kleenex of South Africa. Click here.

Thank you, Lynda.

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