Leaving Ottawa

Regarding speaking French after a long time, this was recently posted on Facebook:

“Comme le vélo, on n’oublie jamais…”

Oui, mais pour moi, le vélo serait un “Penny Farthing”.

(Like riding a bicycle, one doesn’t forget.

Yes, but for me that bicycle would be a Penny Farthing.)

I left Ottawa and my grade ten French class in 1967. I had started learning French in the ...

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Hello world!

Some may have known about my self-centered site, GordonMcB.webs.com, some may have known about my Facebook site and noticed it getting somewhat opinionated. Just a tad.

I decide to combine the two – a site that I controlled – plus a better forum for my increasingly wordy Facebook opines and, hopefully, sense of humor.
Here it is: “The View from Bethlehem”. The absolute truth as seen by me. If you don’t believe it, just ask me.

Naturally, your ...

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