Meeting Women, Minimum Wage, Liberals

…and a $2.50 Sam’s Club Combo Lunch

Despite Louisiana’s 9% sales tax, I went shopping at Sam’s Club today… at lunchtime. As planned, I had a pizza-slice-and-coke combo. However, things are different at this Sam’s Club, way different and a harbinger indeed. I immediately thought of Kathleen Wynne – the Premier of Ontario – and of every other liberal politician who failed Economics 101 and would sell his/her soul for a vote, if s/he hadn’t already sold it ten times over.

The ...

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Lingering in Louisiana

Cuz Texas Has a Whorehouse In It

After a bone-jarring, bad-mouthing trip to get to New Iberia Louisiana, I’ve decided to stay. Once settled in here, a good night’s sleep and a trip back up to the office to apologize to the Park Manager for being such an Angry Yankee and to thank her for her patience, I began to consider my position.

I seem to have settled into an unnecessarily hectic routine: pull, set up, relax the next day, sight see ...

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Another Day of Learning

Somebody Help Me Get Out Of Lousyana

Moving day and another day of learning. I have safely landed in New Iberia Louisiana, just south of Lafayette and the home of Tabasco Sauce. It’s been a long day and all this learning is near killing me.

This morning in Natchez Mississippi started out okay. I had the cat in his carrier, outside on the picnic table allowing me to get everything done without worrying about him hiding or escaping. Three slides retracted into ...

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The Sky Is Falling

Thank you, Lord.

Getting set up at this RV Park outside of Hattiesburg Mississippi was an experience. It started in the morning when I was getting ready to leave Magnolia Springs Alabama.

I thought it would be best to do as much as I could with the cat still inside the camper. To properly line up the hitch in the bed of the truck to the pin on the camper, I need to open the small pane in the center of the ...

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We Removed Something You Posted

The Facebook Police

I posted a cartoon earlier today and soon after got a notification from Facebook that it had been removed for violating their Community Standards policy. While I was surprised at the time, I guess I shouldn’t have been. In a way, it simply proved my point.

Attributed to Abraham Lincoln, though disputed, is the quote, “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

Other than the ...

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