Brett Kavanaugh, Junior and the Dems

Questions and Lies

Once upon a time in a land far away called Huntsville Alabama, a man married a widow with two sons, aged seven and ten. The younger son, we’ll call him “Junior” to protect the guilty, was a charming, good-looking, intelligent, precocious little pita who was the apple of his mother’s eye. Junior dominated the household either as the center of attention or because he was in trouble, generally the latter. Trying to teach good manners, we insisted that ...

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Re-living Some Teenage Years

Prior to the fork in the road…

A number of weeks ago I returned to Canada’s Capital – Ottawa – where I lived from age ten to age sixteen. My most gracious host, Ian Wilson, was a good friend from back during those years with whom, like many, we have been able to reconnect with acquaintances from days gone by through Facebook.

As we age – eventually retire for some of us – we reflect back upon the choices we made in ...

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Code Switching

And Speaking Swedish

I enjoy reading The Huffington Post. I’m guaranteed a good laugh. The Huffington Post is to print what CNN is to television, but on steroids. Their motto is:

If Donald Trump walked on water, The Huffington Post would report,

Donald Trump Can’t Swim“.

The Huffington Post also carries the banner for The Gay Alphabet, Illegals, Minorities, Social Justice Warriors and any other cause that they haven’t quite grasped are the reasons that got Donald Trump elected.

However, I learned something ...

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Jordan Station

The Kingsway

We spent Canada Day – July 1st – doing a little exploring, including the Jordan Station area. It’s a cute little community about a half hour away, definitely still in wine country, surrounded by about twenty wineries. And an excellent coffee shop and bakery…. great pastries and fair coffee. That’s one thing I’ll give Tim Horton’s… great coffee. It’s quaint but there’s not a whole lot to draw you back time and time again. (Click on any of the ...

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What’s Been Did…

…And What’s Been Hid


Above: the fifth wheel in storage for the summer near Knoxville, Tn.


Did you miss me?

It’s been some time since I wrote a blog piece about my life and times, so, somewhat like the self-important Yearly Round-up that we sometimes receive in Christmas Cards about someone we barely know talking about people we’ve never heard of, here’s mine.

“The only thing constant… is change”, seems to be my raison d’etre, so, going back a while…

Once upon a time in ...

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