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My Tonneau Cover

After having a sixty gallon auxiliary fuel tank installed in the bed of the truck, I found that the tri-fold tonneau cover, the cover for the bed of the truck, was no longer not well-suited. I couldn’t access the filler nozzle to the auxiliary tank as the tonneau cover above the fuel tank was clamped down. I had to remove the entire cover in order to fill the aux tank.

I bought a different style of bed cover that rolls ...

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Home Improvements

It’s Not a Bowling Alley But…

A forty foot trailer for a man and a cat is slight overkill. The model that first caught my eye was a miniature version at only thirty-seven feet. <rolls eyes> However, that smaller trailer had axles rated at 5,600 pounds and I felt was maxed out, compared to this model’s 7,000# axles, much beefier if ever considering bouncing my way up the Alaska Highway.

Additionally, this model has a “Bunky”… a small room with its own ...

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Camping With Fred

… my newfound friend.

Wanting to see the Biltmore Estate was the reason for coming to the Asheville, North Carolina area. As usual, I looked for an out-of-the-way… translated: low cost… RV Park to come to.

Hominy Valley RV Park does indeed exist. It is about six RV spots occupied by permanent residents in RVs. Across the Pisgah Highway is the owner’s home. Fred has a beautiful, forty-foot motor home and he built an actual RV site for it behind his home. ...

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Brett Kavanaugh, Junior and the Dems

Questions and Lies

Once upon a time in a land far away called Huntsville Alabama, a man married a widow with two sons, aged seven and ten. The younger son, we’ll call him “Junior” to protect the guilty, was a charming, good-looking, intelligent, precocious little pita who was the apple of his mother’s eye. Junior dominated the household either as the center of attention or because he was in trouble, generally the latter. Trying to teach good manners, we insisted that ...

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Re-living Some Teenage Years

Prior to the fork in the road…

A number of weeks ago I returned to Canada’s Capital – Ottawa – where I lived from age ten to age sixteen. My most gracious host, Ian Wilson, was a good friend from back during those years with whom, like many, we have been able to reconnect with acquaintances from days gone by through Facebook.

As we age – eventually retire for some of us – we reflect back upon the choices we made in ...

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