Wherever the Road Leads


…and the beholder

Placed somewhere between the black and white naivete of “Leave It To Beaver” and the insolence of “South Park”, came “Cheers”. Cheers’ 270 episodes ran from 1982 to 1993, featuring an regular ensemble cast, and generally a guest each week for each episode’s main theme.

Of the regulars in the beginning years, was “Coach”… Coach Ernie Pantusso, a “borderline senile”, co-bartender, widower, and retired baseball coach. Coach has a daughter, a ‘Plain Jane’, who comes into the bar one day to announce her engagement to a boorish, obnoxious, self-centered salesman who manages to irritate most everyone in the bar.

Finally, Coach has seen and heard enough. He takes his daughter aside and what follows is one of the most poignant two minutes and thirty-six seconds on television, one from which we can all learn a lesson.


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