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Back in Bidness

Well, after being messed-up for twenty-four hours, the Blog seems to be working again.

There’s an old joke that goes something like… Three engineers are traveling together and after they stop for a coffee, their car starts, but won’t go into gear.

The electrical engineer says, “We’d better check the electrical system.”

The mechanical engineer says, “We’d better check the shift linkage.”

The computer engineer says, “Let’s turn it off and start it up again.”

My problem is, I can’t leave well enough alone. When it comes to computers, the maxim, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” goes out the winnder.

Things began last week when I didn’t like the amount of white space above the picture at the head of the blog. Firstly, I tinkered with the code and figured out how to shrink it. Then I took the picture into Photoshop and added the text “The View from Bethlehem” directly to the picture.

That done, I went back into the code to eliminate the white space – and the title –  above the picture completely. How many have noticed that the corners are rounded in the small grey bar above the picture?  I didn’t think so. But to me, it’s an improvement.

(The rounded corners will not show if you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer version 8 or below. To check your version, click “Help” in the toolbar at the top, or perhaps it’s a little icon that looks like a gear. Click on it, then click “About Internet Explorer”. A box will pop up that tells you which version that you are using. If it is not Version 9, I suggest you visit microsoft.com to upgrade. Actually, I recommend that you switch to Firefox, a free and much better browser. Click here.)

Tinkering with the code though, somehow eliminated the white background from behind the text. I spent the weekend figuring out how to get that back.

I composed “Fear of Flying” and posted it. All of a sudden nothing worked. The Help Ticket to the Web Host Provider sat in the “ignore” pile for the better part of the day, then resulted in an email reply that said, basically, uninstall everything and start it up again.

And here we are… back in bidness.

I’ll bet it worked for the three engineers as well… turn it off and reboot.



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  1. Susan Calhoun  October 2, 2012

    I knew that it was a beautiful picture that could easily be a painting or postcard, but I didn’t know the technical, behind-the-scenes, activities involved. That’s art!


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