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Workamping only a week full time, I am astounded by the wide variety of products that they carry. Some surprise me a little… breakfast cereal, cat food, popcorn, Avon and Advocare. I have seen Marital Aids come through to be Packed Out into a carton and shipped and I have seen silicone breasts come through, where I wonder if they were ordered by a woman wanting to accentuate the positive, or a man wanting to be otherwise.

Shopping online is the perfect place for anonymity. At one point in time, you might have had to go into a Pharmacy to purchase potentially embarrassing products. Now, it’s a few clicks.

In the distribution center, no one can match a name to an order, or an order to a name. Products are picked by the sku number and scanned into a numbered tote. The tote comes to Pack Out and the item(s) is/are placed into a carton and sealed. A random numbered label is attached to the carton and the products are scanned to the random label.

The carton is placed on a conveyor belt and goes through the labeling machine. The labeling machine reads the random label and prints out the shipping label with the name and address of the recipient. The sealed carton goes to Shipping, where they can see that Suzie Smith is getting a delivery, but they have no idea of what.

A few people who read the Blog have commented that I might see their order go through. Well, I might, but I would have no idea that it was yours. So male or female, if you were the one who ordered the silicone breasts, your secret is safe!

I have been surprised by the number of people who have said they are regular shoppers. So, in that regard, I thought I might take advantage of your purchasing power.

Over on the right, I have added – rather gaudy for now – links to Amazon.com in the US and Amazon.ca in Canada. If you click on the link taking you to Amazon and do indeed purchase a product, I will get a small commission, which I am hoping will pay for this web site, which costs around $120 per year ($10 per month) in web hosting fees to Hostgator.

My coding skills are rusty and I am working for the next four days, so it will take a while to make it look a little less commercial and tacky. But if you’ll bear with me and keep me in mind if you are planning to do some online shopping at either Amazon.com or Amazon.ca, I will certainly appreciate it!

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  1. elayne  October 7, 2014

    too bad Gordon, I used Amazon last week to get the new Barbra Streisand cd for my neighbour’s birthday present.. That is the first time I have ever shopped through Amazon. It was a pleasant experience so I will keep you in mind if I plan to order anything else. Take care and please don’t stop posting .. Thank you ..

  2. Barbara  October 8, 2014

    I can probably assist you with that. I am a Prime shopper and make most of purchases from Amazon. i will try to remember your link.

  3. Mike G  October 8, 2014

    Same here gordon, I am a prime member and do almost all if not all of my shopping through amazon. And with my foot surgery and no driving until Dec, you can bet birthday gifts and Christmas gifts will be ordered from Amazon.

  4. Hollee  October 9, 2014

    I’ll try to help you too. I should enroll in Premium…need to order books, tea, stuff for the photocopier.
    you’re brave, for sure!
    How’s W doing?


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