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Allergies and Jones College

Music and memories

The internet was down for a short while when I was in St. Augustine, so no Pandora internet radio for background noise. I soon tired of talking to the cat, which really means talking to myself, as the only English he understands is the sound of food being poured into his dish.

There is an FM Radio – Cassette player – CD player with four speakers in the trailer, so I thought I’d try to find a radio station that didn’t aggravate my allergies. Yes, my allergies. I am deathly allergic to commercials and ‘yap’. People seem astounded that I haven’t watched television in years and don’t have a TV aboard the trailer. It’s due to my allergies and my Scottish heritage.

I timed it. A half-hour television program is actually twenty minutes long. The rest of the time is commercials and network promos, a commercial by any other name. So, one-third of television ‘programming’ is commercials. Extrapolating that, if you’re monthly cable bill is $100, you are paying $33 per month to watch commercials. That is more than I can bear.

I went to the FM tuner, going up and down the dial, listening for music that I can tolerate. ‘Top Forty’ is out as I stopped listening to terrestrial radio stations ten years ago, no ‘Rap’ as I already know how to say ‘mother’ and I know who my daddy was, no ‘Country’ as it has ‘citified’ itself these days with far too many electric guitars for my liking, ‘Oldies’ is best and ‘Classic Rock’ is okay, although some of those songs Phil Collins should have been buried with the Phil Collins nineteen eighties as well Phil Collins. Something in the air tonight – yes, Phil, your song that refuses to die an ignominious death, bless your heart all the way to the bank.

I was very surprised when I heard an instrumental sound – perhaps Mantovani’s strings or Liberace’s panano – and I stopped there. Well, for me, I have found the motherlode, hit the jackpot. WKTZ, 90.9, Your Beautiful Music Station Out of Jones College, a not-for-profit college in Jacksonville, Florida. Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Edie Gorme, Johnny Mathis, Ray Conniff, Perry Como, Jack Jones, Percy Faith, Dinah Shore, Judy Garland, Bert Kaempfert… why, I heard the Theme from Peyton Place!


Listen Live… stream the station click here.

Growing up, we had two television stations in Timmins and one was French, three television stations in Ottawa and one was French. Moving to Toronto and a forty foot antenna tower brought in the Buffalo television stations and Bowling for Dollars. The television was sometimes on but the radio was always on.

The station also plays Doris Day.

Doris Day sang some catchy tunes in the late fifties and early sixties… Everybody Loves a Lover, High Hopes (everyone knows an ant can’t, fell a rubber tree plant).

Doris Day also made some RomComs during the sixties, but wholesome RomComs where no one got pregnant before marriage, bra straps were not a fashion statement and tattoos were never seen in church. Doris Day pert near spoiled me for any brunette or redhead who would ever come into my life. Not, “get three to a nunnery”, it was “get thee to a pharmacy and the Lady Clairol section.”

Back then, we didn’t know what a Poofter was, let alone that Rock Hudson was one. What a waste… all those scenes with Doris Day and he didn’t care.

Those were innocent days, Leave It To Beaver days with June and her pearls and the Electrolux. Donna Reed and Father Knows Best. Peyton Place’s scandalous Constance McKenzie though even after watching it week after week I don’t remember why she was scandalous.

I wonder if every generation thinks that their teenaged years were the best era in their lives. I mean that from a historical/societal point of view. Not, I met my husband/wife and had children when I was in my twenties and thirties. With all our internet, GPS, smart phone lives these days, perhaps we have come too far.

I think we were all better off when society still had an element of innocence.

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  1. elayne  September 2, 2014

    you are showing our age and even before.

    • gordon  September 5, 2014

      My dad had the radio on constantly, long before CFRA’a Gord Atkinson in the early 60’s, CJET out of Smiths Falls and Dean Hagopian (CKPM?). Hagopian, I was surprised to learn, was the lead singer for the Staccatos but left before they became the Five Man Electrical Band and international success.

      As I aged, my musical tastes became opposites – heavy metal and AC/DC but also American Standards – Frank Sinatra et al – these days, more the latter than the former.


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