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All Men Are Created Equal

Or Not.

I did not exactly flourish in High School. I believed that high school was in my life to prevent me from pumping gas full time at Gerry Balabik’s Shell Station at the corner of Bayview and Sheppard, to earn enough money to buy a second-hand car.

There was, however, a single lesson that I did enjoy and remember… hazily. It was Deductive Reasoning and the principle went something like this: If you agree with the premise and you agree with the statement, then you must agree with the conclusion.

For example:

      Premise:     All boys have blue eyes.
      Statement:  Johnny is a boy.
      Conclusion: Johnny has blue eyes.

At risk of having my citizenship rescinded, I have never agreed with a founding premise of the United States of America, land that I love…

All men are created equal.

Perhaps it was a noble aspiration at the time. However in today’s global world there are factors that our forefathers never dreamed of at the time. Even at the time, the statement was not all-inclusive, as the Negro was not considered ‘human’.

If all men were created equal, why did Leif the Lucky, the Icelandic explorer and first to reach North America in 1000AD in his longboat, not meet a group of kayaking Eskimos on their way to discover Iceland?

In 1254, Italian Marco Polo established a trade route to the Orient and returned a wealthy man. Why was there no Oriental who established a trade route to Constantinople, saving Marco Polo the trouble?

In 1488, the Portuguese explorer Bartholomew Dias sailed to the Eastern Cape of what is now known as South Africa. He met not one Zulu sailing north to Europe trying to sell diamonds.

In 1492, Columbus sailed to San Salvador in the Caribbean. He should have met Caribbean natives halfway across the Atlantic on their way to discover Spain, if all men are equal.

Vasco da Gama arrived in India in 1498. There was no one to welcome him and show him their narrow-gauge railways.

In 1521 in the Philippines, no one told Ferdinand Magellan that his watch was out by a day because he had crossed the International Date Line.

In 1820, the British made Australia a penal colony. The Aborigines did not invade London to get rid of their ne’er-do-wells.

In 1871, when Stanley found Livingstone and uttered the words, “Dr. Livingstone, I presume?”, Livingstone was exploring Lake Tanganyika. Stanley had not been given a Rand-McNally atlas and told by the locals, ‘Turn left at the Zambezi River, you can’t miss him.’

All Europeans are created equal.

That’s a slogan I could get behind.

The geographic area known as Israel was formally founded in 1947. Golda Meir, President of Israel from 1969 – 1975, purportedly said, “The Jews are the only people who could wander the desert for 5,000 years and settle in the only patch of sand that has no oil under it.” Today, Israel has 8.3 million people and a Gross Domestic Product of $300 billion.

The country next door, Syria, has been in existence since 10,000 BC. It  was one of the centers of Neolithic culture where agriculture and cattle breeding appeared for the first time in the world. Its population of 20 million have been killing each other ever since. Syria’s GDP is $73 billion. Despite having oil reserves, Syria’s two main oil refineries are operating at less than 10% capacity and the country is now a net importer of oil.

Rather than stay and fix the problem, hundreds of thousands of young, able-bodied men (75% of the migrants are in this category) are wanting to invade other countries to take advantage of their civilized ways. The liberal media focus upon the plight of the innocent ‘refugee’…


… when the inevitable happens and a child drowns – a self-inflicted tragedy.

Can anyone explain to me how these people, neat, orderly and respectful – only 21% of which are actually Syrian, the rest are Muslims from other countries, hoping to cash in on Europe’s generosity and its “welfare gold rush”…..



… can be equal to this man, 86-year-old World War I veteran Joseph Ambrose attending a parade for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial? In his hands, he holds the flag that covered his son’s casket, who was killed fighting in Korea.

Joseph Ambrose

It seems that we have been trying to undo what The Lord accomplished at the Tower of Babel.

Thomas Jefferson may have been accurate in 1776 regarding the European Colony that was America and his world at the time. At one time, we thought the world was flat.

Things change. And Johnny has brown eyes.

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