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The Alabama Crimson Tide lost their football game on Saturday. Ole Miss: 23, Alabama: 17. For many, many sports fans this is a run-of-the-mill occurrence. If you’re an Ottawa fan, it’s an every week occurrence. But we Alabama fans aren’t accustomed to losing. Eight penalties, an interception and the passing yards were fifty per cent more than the running yards all led to the loss. More stunning, perhaps, is that Alabama is 5th in the SEC West division.


Fortunately, I guess, I was unable to see the game. It might be that unless Alabama makes it into post-season, I won’t be seeing any games. My shift at Amazon is Wednesday through Saturday, 7:30 am until 6:00pm. A blessing, perhaps?

The Ole Miss Chant:

The school cheer is entitled Hotty Toddy and goes:

Are you ready?
Hell, yeah! Damn Right!
Hotty Toddy, Gosh almighty
Who the hell are we, Hey!
Flim Flam, Bim Bam

Last season, I watched most of the games, without having cable TV, by hanging a digital antenna out a second-floor window. This year however, I have the digital antenna but not the TV. That went to Canada. If I do decide to get a small TV, I have discovered a new form of shopping.

Pawn Shops.

I used to think that Pawn Shops were seedy retail establishments staffed by tattoo-covered chain-smokers sporting Bowie knives to protect themselves from their clientele… drugged-up petty thieves. Guess again!!

Perhaps due to the same reason that the dollar stores are thriving and JCPenney is hurting, Pawn Shops make financial sense. My GPS is a late-model Garmin. On Amazon.com, it’s $169.95. Mine came from a Pawn Shop: $40.00.


Need a step ladder to use four times a year… twice for the Christmas lights and twice to reach that inaccessible clock when the time changes? Lowes will gladly sell you what you need all shiny and new for $100. Or you can get one with a few paint splatters for half that at a Pawn Shop. Need power tools, lightly-used video games, electronics like a Blu-Ray player, television surround-sound systems, a VCR to play that VHS movie tape that never came to DVD? A Pawn Shop. Or a small television because the only programs you watch are Alabama football games? Yep, a Pawn Shop.

They have desktop computers, laptop computers even iPads. And iPhones. And if you’re sweet on the blonde Pawn Shop owner and take her to lunch, you might even get the family discount on your GPS.




I started the Blog portion of this website in September of 2012. Since then it has been called “The View from Bethlehem”, as that is where my house is, Bethlehem, Georgia. Well, my house is still in Bethlehem Georgia,  but I am not.

Accordingly, I have changed the name of the Blog to, “Wherever the Road Leads”. Currently, it has led me to Murfreesboro Tennessee, a Nashville suburb. It should have led me back to Toronto Canada, however we don’t get to choose our mothers.

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  1. elayne  October 6, 2014

    and mothers don’t get to choose their children so don’t disappoint at this stage of the game lol. . Pawn shops are right up there with flea markets (or swap meets in the USA). If you know your prices, you can always find a great deal without getting ripped off.


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